Nic Granleese.

Architectural photographer, Melbourne Australia.

Wallaby Lane House by Jolyon Robinson Architects

"Nic's background in architecture elevates his mastery of thoughtful photographic composition"

Nic coffee dbfbd99aa3d72d90766633abcf7bc3dd32ea920c3d7bc4f9fe34aee6c4896af7 Hi.

My name is Nic Granleese

I'm an architectural photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I take pretty photos

I'm a professional photographer and work with Australia's best architects to create images that are used by magazines, newspapers, and television stations.

Here's an example

This is the Hello House by OOF! Architecture

This project has been published in more than 100 magazines, newspapers, websites and on TV.

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How we work.

We start with stunningly beautiful images

But how we share your architecture is where the real magic happens. We create beautiful media kits for each project and give journalists everything they need to write a story instantly.

View the Hello house media kit

Want to find out more?

Let's grab a coffee and see how we can work together.